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Breaking ground Chain of Lakes PartnershipThis is the sixth in a series of columns about the history of the Minnehaha Creek watershed.

The Minneapolis Chain of Lakes are among the most visited natural resources in the state. Millions of people come to the shores of these lakes each year to enjoy their beauty and serenity.

It’s not easy for a lake surrounded by such highly urbanized area to stay clean and healthy. Stormwater runoff that flows off the landscape ends up in these lakes, and the more roads, roofs and driveways there are, the more pollutants this rain water picks up along the way. 

Yet these lakes remain some of the healthiest urban lakes in the nation. This didn’t happen by accident. In the early 1990’s a coalition of groups called the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Clean Water Partnership undertook one of the largest urban water quality restorations in the nation, resulting in some dramatic improvement in lake health still evident to this day. In addition to the Minnehaha Creek Watershed...

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