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Two women by cisternWhere once rainwater pooled on a patio, now a series of gardens flourish at the T. Rex Coffee and Cookie Café on University Ave. in St. Paul. A 1,150 gallon cistern — a giant green rain barrel — sits outside the airy “Art and Architecture” building, redirecting the water flow and snow melt off the roof to vertical and horizontal gardens.

All this is the brainchild of two ambitious friends who met during a water stewardship class at their watershed district.

“The goal really is to keep stormwater on the land in an urban setting,” says Brittany Faust, looking out over the impervious expanse of parking lot that encircles this commercial area alongside the Metro Transit green line. She is half of the dynamic duo who got to know the issue first-hand when working at the restaurant a couple of years ago.


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