Permit Applications

To see what Rule your project may trigger, see the Activities that Require Permits page.  Please contact the Permitting Department with questions on what projects require a permit.

Download and submit all required materials for the following rules. If a project triggers more than one rule, fill out only one Water Resource Permit Application Form.

Erosion Control Rule

Floodplain Alteration Rule

Wetland Protection Rule

Dredging Rule

Waterbody Crossings & Structures Rule

Stormwater Management Rule

Shoreline & Streambank Stabilization Rule

Sandblanket Installation

Please completely fill out the application and submit it along with any supplemental materials to MCWD offices at:

MCWD Regulatory Department
15320 Minnetonka Boulevard
Minnetonka, MN 55345

Important Note:

Grading and excavating must not begin until the applicant has been noticed that a permit has been issued and required erosion control measures are in place. Working without a permit where required is in violation of MCWD Rules and is a misdemeanor subject to penalty by law.